Nexus how to input a license

The following is a detailed instruction for nexus operators on how to get and input a site license. If you are looking for information on System T or Infusion you are in the wrong place, if you don't know what system you are running then check your license page it will tell you, the link is in the USER MENU once you are LOGGED IN.


Step 1.   Log in to using your username and password

Step 2    From the user menu click License (most current) this will take you to a screen that looks like this

Site Nameyour site name
Site TypeNexus FEC
License Expiration DateAugust 15, 2009
Pack Expiration DateAugust 15, 2009
User Name:yourusername
User Pass:yourpassword

Step 3.    Copy the License Key down and enter it into the P&C Application License Server program running in the system tray near the clock. In order to do this double click the icon to bring up the program. The number on the right indicates how many days left you have before you need to enter your next license, if no number is shown, your license has expired (see the note at the bottom of the window)



Active Image
 If you have <30 days left the window will not close or minimise, you can move it out of the way, also the number will be yellow or red depending on the time remaining
 Active Image
To enter your new license click on Tools then Set Site Licence this will bring up a dialog box:
 Active Image
Enter the key:
Active Image
Click OK
 Active Image
Your application license server should now show the correct days remaining and if that number is >30 you will be able to minimise the program.




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